Thursday, April 26, 2007

Highest paying "pay to read" program

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Making a free mailing list this way?... I couldn't believe it

I couldn't believe it myself... FINALLY a site where I can manage my list and grow it at the same time. This is the best system I've come across in a long time, and I've seen a lot!

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Marketing pond...multiple opportunities under same roof

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Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Don't slip away a chance to own a robust company...

AGLOCO is short for "A Global Community."

The purpose of this community, in short, is to make money.

Most - if not all - online global communities already do this, but, for the most part, the money is not put into the hands of the community members, but only into the hands of those who own the infrastructure of the community.AGLOCO is different. Since the time spent online by individuals is valuable - because the information about how one uses the internet is in and of itself something that people will pay to get - AGLOCO will return some of that value to the individual user. They do this because they think that if online communities have monetary value, and because the people who populate such communities make the communities in the first place, then those people ought to receive some of the value of the communities they make possible.
It's an idea that makes a lot of sense.
But here's the really cool part: it isn't just cash that AGLOCO users will receive for their time. AGLOCO users will also, eventually, receive publicly traded shares in the company, representing real ownership of the company. The cash one could receive is good enough, but the potential for ownership and future appreciate of share values makes this a unique opportunity. As the AGLOCO community grows, the company will generate more revenue, meaning the potential for increased shareholder value is strong. Since it costs nothing to become an AGLOCO member, this is indeed a very worthwhile investment of one's time, time already spent online (which, before now, only made someone else rich).
It works like this: at the time of this writing, the AGLOCO browser bar is not yet released, but the company is allowing people to build up the AGLOCO community in advance. When the browser bar is released, an AGLOCO member can install it and receive credit for time spent surfing the internet. Acoording to AGLOCO, there is no need to click on any advertising links that the bar will display, and no need to surf in any particular way to accumulate credit. A user can do exactly what he or she always does online, be it the most rigid surfing routine or the most random. You still get to do with the internet what you've always done with it, or whatever else you want to do with it.
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Get Paid To Post with MyLot

Hey guys!

This is one of best sites and one of the easiest sites to earn on. Basically, it's a forum, where you start new discussions, reply to discussions, and upload pictures. Are you a member of any general forum? Well then this is for you! Its a normal forum, where you get PAID for posting, uploading pictures, etc.


Earning Scheme:

Posts: 0.01$ to 0.03$ per post.

Discussions: 0.001$ - 0.03$ per response and minimum 10 responses needed to get paid.

Comments: 0.001$ or more per comment minimum 10.

Photos: 0.01$ per click on your photos, by OTHER USERS so dont go about clicking on your photos it wont earn you anything.

Referrals: you earn 25% of every referral's earnings per day.

Useful tips:


  • Make atleast 10 posts per hour.
  • Start atleast 1 discussion per day.
  • Respond to posts rather than comment on posts as you earn more responding than commenting.
  • Provide quality responses, if your matter isnt relative you might get '-' which will reduce your earnings and post points. The '-' is what users can give to you.
  • Avoid one liners. You earn the maximum 3 cents if your posts are about 3-4 lines.
  • Give '+' to whomsoever who deserves it because of his/her response/discussion/comment.
  • Give '-' to mylot rules and regulations violators, eg. one liners, abusive/offensive matter, etc.
  • You can see '+' and '-' buttons just beneath the text of the post.

Building your Reputation:

  • If you make friends, try to answer their discussions also, it helps you make a reputation.
  • Mark best responses to your discussions, it helps you build a reputation.
  • Once you have built your reputation it will be easier to find responders to your discussion.


  • You will get a rating number inside a coloured star after you complete 100 posts. it represents how active you are on myLot i.e. posting, discussing, commenting, rating, uploading, etc.

Payment Details:

You get paid monthly with minimum account balance of $10 and carry forward of unpaid amounts. You have the option to increase your minimum payment to $25, $50 or $100. All payments will be in US dollars and made via PayPal or e-gold, depending on the country you reside in. All users will be required to have a valid PayPal or e-gold account.Make sure you give the right paypal of e-gold address!I really enjoy this site as it is easy to make money, just doing what we all love doing: Chatting! Get paid on forums now by joining myLot

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Incredible pay to read...strongly recommended

Few days back i came across an incredible program . I really meant it. In here plenty of clickable paid links and they never expire. You can click them over and over again & get paid each time, just 24 hours gap is all needed between 2 clicks.
Also minimum pay out is just $5, (i.e they will send money when your total is $5 unlike $25 in hits4pay)...they can pay in or by cheques. ITs great, considering the enormous number of messages one can read.
If you have referral, earning becomes heftier. Also its a very good site to advertise your business.

You know this site is creating a ripple in the industry, and heavy rush of people can be seen joining it. Even they had to close down the site for 3 days and switch over to a larger dedicated server, because of this rush. (it reopened only today). Can you believe it is just an one week old site..

Hey fren, don’t think much, its a free site and just join it, you will never repent, that’s something I can assure you with confidence...once you join, all that you gonna do is smile and smile and more smile(just what i am doing now) ...

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Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Highest paying email reading program ever

Yeah, you got it right! This is one of the bests in the business.
Certainly the best pay to read i have ever encounterd. It pays minimum 2 cents uniformly per message you read which is unbelivable if you compare it with other programs.
Also a 2 level dowline referral scheme where you get 1 cent per massage your referral reads. Only downside is messages may be a bit scanty, but with few good active downline, evrything is made fact more than that.
Would you believe the guy who roped me in is earning more than $100 per month from this program? & he is doing nothing now!!! Not even reading mails .....
So here is something I strongly recommend (you earn $10 merely for you joining)

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